Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Watch as an adorable dog carries a huge tree trunk in its mouth whilst trying to play fetch with its owner.

Wally, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, found the trunk whilst on a walker with his owner, and decided to try and carry it with him.

Pic by Cliff Lambson/Caters News

Cliff Lambson, from Truckee, California, USA, found it so funny that he just had to film it the incident at Lake Tahoe, California.

Cliff said: “We were on a walk and he had a long stick, but as soon as he found this tree trunk he swapped the stick for the bigger toy.

“When he first picked up the trunk it probably weighed about 40lbs, and it was so heavy that his back feet were rising off the ground as he walked!

Pic by Cliff Lambson/Caters News –

“He dropped it a few times and tore chunks of wood out, which lightened the load enough so he could handle it better.

“Wally likes sticks, logs, tree stumps – basically anything he can find really.

“This is completely normal behaviour for Wally, he loves nothing more to play and is always making us laugh.”