Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This iguana can’t stop smiling after receiving head rubs from its adoring owner.

Rex the red Iguana appears to smile to the camera each time he gets a fuss in this hilarious video, as he rests on a comfy bed and soaks up the attention.

Jiang Minglun, 33, took the footage after noticing just how much her pet enjoyed her attention.

Jiang, from Hsinchu, Taiwan, said: “Rex has always been a colourful character from the moment I met him – he constantly brings me joy.

“I always give him little rubs and fusses, and he always seem to smile at me when I do so, so I just knew I had to capture it on camera for proof.

“He loves attention, and it’s nice to see him so happy.

“I’ve had him for three years now, and even though I have a dog, he’s definitely the most interesting and unique pet that I’ve ever owned.”