female driver

By Chris Adams

A female driver labelled a ‘spoilt brat’ gave a motorcyclist the middle finger after he confronted her for using her phone at the wheel – in the same week stiffer punishments were introduced for motorists who flout the ban.

Biker Steve Parkinson had a heated exchange with the female driver when he spotted her holding a mobile in her hand while they drove along the A12 in Harold Hill, east London, last Monday [Feb 27].

Steve’s helmet camera captured the woman’s protests – including a cheeky middle finger salute – after he called for her to put the phone down.

He claims that she had been visibly ‘wandering’ in the lane as she slowed down from around 40mph – and believes she had been messing with her phone the whole time.

As of last Wednesday, drivers in England, Scotland, and Wales who use their phones risk six points on their licence and fines of up to £200.

Steve, 53, from Hornchurch, said: “It’s alright for daddy’s little princess if she crashes with a big metal box around her, but for people on two wheels, we end up with broken limbs.

“I couldn’t believe she was doing this so openly with all the hype about the new punishments.

“I shouted at her and she started gesturing back that she was on hands-free. It’s all well and good having headphones in but the phone was still on her hand.

“She was obviously a bit of a spoilt brat, with a car probably paid for by daddy, who thought the best way to settle things was by giving me the finger.

“I was on my way home from work so it was about 5.30pm and the roads weren’t exactly quiet.

“I could see her driving very slowly up ahead, wandering across the lanes and with a big gap between her and the car in front.

“She clearly wasn’t paying attention so I thought I’d let her know about it.”