Offbeat Video

By Lauren Fruen

A SCHOOLGIRL has racked up nearly a million followers on Instagram thanks to her mesmerising videos of SLIME.

Alyssa Jagan started making her videos just over a year ago and soon found they were getting thousands of views.

Since then the 16-year-old said she has been on a “crazy whirlwind” as she posts to more than 800,000 people each day.

Pic by Caters News

She has even published a book about her craft and is now looking to hit a million followers on Instagram.

One of her most popular videos shows gold slimes mixing and has had nearly 350,000 views.

Like modern-day Play-Doh, slime is easy to make at home and aesthetically pleasing on social media.

The clips show hands moving different coloured slime around to create hypnotic videos.

Pic by Caters News

Alyssa, who lives with her family in Toronto, Canada, said: “I started making the slime videos as a hobby back in August 2016.

“They started to get share online and from there my followers just grew. It was mind-blowing as more and more people started to follow me and watch the videos.

“It’s been absolutely amazing, a crazy whirlwind.

“I think the videos are so popular because they are so satisfying. I also love the creativity that goes into them.

Pic by Caters New

“I think people like to see the different colours and textures.

“In the beginning, there were not so many people doing the videos. There is a bigger community now.

“I am now looking to grow my Instagram followers as well as getting more into YouTube.

“I post consistently so I think that helps. I also try to really engage with my followers and to be creative with what I do.

“I post things I would like watching myself.”