Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

This is a bizarre moment an Indian man is putting the head of a 2ft long monitor lizard into his mouth.

Visuals show 50-year-old Gumaan Singh from Karauli in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, holding the monster lizard into his bare hands.

He keeps the reptile’s head into his mouth for nearly 20 seconds.

As Singh performs the stunt, a group of people can be heard squealing with excitement.

After removing the reptile’s head from his mouth, he then takes out its long tongue with his hand and shows to the people.

Singh, who works as a farmer, is famous not only in his own village but in the neighbouring villages as well for his daredevil acts.

He claims to have rescued over 1000 reptiles in past five years.

Singh said: “I’ve rescued over 1000 reptiles in past five years and I don’t feel scared of them at all.

“Monitor lizards can be dangerous at times but I trained myself in dealing with them.

“Whenever a reptile enters into anyone’s house in our village or in the neighbouring villages, people call me as they know I am an expert in such cases.”