Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment an adorable stray puppy, who fell 10 feet down between two rocks, is hauled to safety after a staggering 40-hour rescue.

On December 31, Animal Warriors India were called into routine action after being made aware of a stray puppy being stuck between two rocks – but little did they know the rescue would last well into the new year.

Falling ten feet between two large rocks, the adorable one-month-old pup had been stuck for an incredible ten hours when Pradeep Nair and his team arrived on scene, in Banjara Hills, India.

Trying to lure the discarded dog to a convenient gap to pull him out from, Pradeep tried to play dog calls from his phone, but the pup got itself up to a ledge from which it was scared to move.

With their only option being to create an opening in the rocks, Animal Warriors India begin chipping away at the large rocks with crowbars and sledgehammers, trying desperately not to drop any debris on the dog below.

After 30 hours of relentless labour, Pradeep and co. had only managed to break an inch off the rock, so they next day a rock drill was sourced to finally free the puppy and reunite it with its mother, on January 2.

Exhausted from the 40-hour ordeal, Pradeep said: “This was a very difficult situation. We couldn’t even see the puppy to begin with, we could only hear it whimpering in fear.

“A team of eight rescuers were involved with this case, and we took it in turns to try and break the rocks.

“After thirty hours, we had made such little progress. We kept trying until a drill arrived the next morning.

“The whole team was exhausted, and with worn out hands and injuries on our fingers, it was ever more difficult.

“Finally, we were able to get him out, but the pup was very dehydrated and cold as it is winter.

“We took him straight to the animal hospital and within a day he’d recovered.

“It was an amazing experience. At some point we almost lost hope, but the puppy’s cries kept motivating us to work harder.

“I kissed him the second I pulled him out.

“It’s a great moment I’ll never forget, seeing the pup back with its mother was such a rewarding sight.”