Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

In the dog house! This poor pooch is freed from a garden shed after his owner accidentally locked him inside.

Billy the three-year-old rescue Beagle found himself trapped in the shed for 40 minutes before his owner came and rescued him.

Naughty Billy had sneaked into the shed to steal chicken feed, unbeknownst to his owner who was busy feeding chickens.

The hilarious footage captures the moment Billy is finally freed from his ordeal, as he jumps up and down excitedly and wags his tail, before finally running back into the house.

Alyson Kowalski, from Ruislip, Middlesex captured the hilarious footage after realising Billy’s mistake.

“Earlier I had been down the garden by my shed filling the chicken feeders, and he must have sneaked in there while I was busy, as he usually pinches the chicken feed from in there.

“It wasn’t until sometime later when I realised the house was unusually quiet, and then I heard a muffled bark and thought he must have been upstairs in the house up to no good.

“I then glanced outside and kept seeing his little white face popping up and down in the cabin window.

“At first I found it funny, but I did feel sorry for him as I realised he must have been in there for a long time, but it still makes me laugh when I think about it.”