Offbeat Video

A ‘satisfying’ video shows a self taught juggler 22-year-old’s surprisingly unique and silky smooth juggling skills.

Lucas Adverse, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, decided to learn juggling as a new hobby last year. And within a year, Lucas seems to have made great strides.

Lucas started experimenting with juggling when he came across some juggling videos on the Internet.

“No one guided me through my learning process and I learned by watching tutorials and copying tricks from videos until I didn’t have to copy anymore,” said Lucas.

Lucas started late but that hasn’t stopped him for earning accolades within the global juggling community.

“I started juggling very late in terms of age. Most jugglers start when they are kids. But I am very happy about my improvement because one year after learning to juggle I managed to be the first Brazilian to ever be placed in the annual worldwide Top 40 Jugglers ranking,” said Lucas, who is Brazilian by nationality.

The awards aim to recognize the top contributors globally to the field of juggling.

Lucas has a unique style, a smooth blend of body tricks and juggling. Having focused on artistic appeal as opposed to complexity he has created many ‘original tricks’ .

“I don’t have the most common style because a lot of juggler focus on getting numbers (5 objects or more) and symmetry down,” he said.

“I prefer to explore three objects and do creative body tricks instead of practicing for months to do a difficult trick that all jugglers have seen.”

Lucas doesn’t consider juggling to be anything more than a hobby at the moment but hopes he can play his part is showing the world what modern juggling is.

“Juggling has developed into something artistic and entertaining and how there are more interesting things to explore.”

Lucas Adverse’s YouTube channel on juggling has nearly a quarter of a million views.

“I hope that I will be able to influence more people in the future,” he added.