Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

Adorable toddler Harry hasn’t quite got the patience for chess yet.

The three-year-old is playing chess with his dad, but you can see his interest slipping, and he subtly drags his king across the board to ‘victory’.

On ‘winning’ little Harry bursts into the sweetest possible victory dance before remembering to be a good sportsman – when he shakes his dads hand and says ‘good game’.

PIC FROM Caters News

Harry’s dad, Kevin O’Keefe, 35 said: “I love playing board games and Harry loves playing them with me. I took him to a “board game night” at a local church and he was infatuated with these two guys playing chess.

“He really wanted to play, and I told him we had a chess set at the house. The next morning we started playing. He chose a piece and I would tell him how the piece moves and he would move it.

“We got about 9 moves in before you could realize he was getting bored. I wanted to get a video of him playing before he quit so I pulled out my camera and then the magic happened.

PIC FROM Caters News

“He’s three. I don’t *enforce* the rules so much when we play board games. I just want him to have fun so he will want to play board games with me.

“I did teach him to shake his opponent’s hand and say “good game” whether he wins or loses. So after he “won” I stuck my hand out and he knew exactly what to do.

“He does cheat a lot, but only when he’s bored and wants to move onto the next game. Before then he is pretty good with following the rules and waiting for his turn. He’s a very cute and smart boy.”