By Mike Jones

These cute lion cubs have been captured on camera trying to climb trees.

After spotting one brave cub trying to climb a huge tree in the wild, and the rest of the pack of cubs then try and join in with their sibling.

PIC BY Jackie Badenhorst / CATERS NEWS

Jackie Badenhorst, 37, captured the moment in the Masai Mara game reserve, Kenya.

Jackie, from Pretoria, South Africa, said: “I was watching the lions for the morning and they eventually went down to a drainage line, out of sight, and I expected that I wouldn’t see them again.

“How lucky was I when they all ran out from the drainage line and sat beside this large tree!

“The next thing I knew is one lioness jumped up into the tree, to the dismay of the cubs.

PIC BY Jackie Badenhorst / CATERS NEWS

“One of the cubs immediately tried following her and called out unhappily a few times – he would get a few steps up and then tumble to the ground.

“The other cubs came along and also tried to get up, all crying out in frustration!

Eventually the lioness jumped out the tree and flopped down on the grass, and the cubs quickly followed and began suckling.

“One little cub kept on looking up at the top the tree – almost seemed to be thinking – I’ll get up there next time!

PIC BY Jackie Badenhorst / CATERS NEWS

“To watch lions when they’re awake and interacting is probably the one thing that every wildlife photographer hopes for on a daily basis – so to witness a scene like this was incredibly special, I was feeling really happy and thankful.”