Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

An on-board dash camera captured the shocking moment a car spins in front of a coach on the motorway before hitting a barrier.

The crash took place on the busiest motorway in Scotland, the M8, as managing director, Grant Gibson, was driving back to his home in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, from work.

The Sliver Micra overtakes the coach before mysterious applying the breaks and spinning in the middle of the carriageway.

Grant, 41, said: “As I joined the M8 I noticed that the coach in front of me didn’t have any lights on. The road was very cold and wet, making the conditions slippery.

“The Micra made a late decision to move over to the exit and then changed its mind, either because they were going the wrong way or because they panicked when they noticed a bus right behind them with no lights on.

“The Micra hit the brakes and spun out of control into the barrier.

“I spotted it going out of control early, and hit the brakes hard. The ABS brakes on my car kicked in and managed to slow me down enough, but others weren’t so lucky.”

Grant was unable to stop and assist due to their being no hard shoulder on the stretch of motorway.

He said: “The roads were too busy and too slippery to risk stopping on the main carriageway.

“So I called my wife, handsfree, of course, and asked her to check the traffic website.

“They had the accident logged within a couple of minutes, so I knew the police were on their way.”