Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

An older dog is not happy with a new pooch coming into its life – as he can be seen getting very annoyed at the little puppy beside him.

Merlin, a four-year-old German Shepherd, is definitely not interested in Magni, the new nine-month-old puppy who has just come into his life.

Being described as the ‘leader dog’, his owner Kristina Truesdale explains she isn’t surprised about Merlin’s annoyance due to his gentle, but strict nature.

This hilarious video was taken at the family home in Queensland, Australia.

Pic by Caters News

Kristina said: “Merlin joined our family when he had just turned four and Magni has only been with us for two weeks.

“Merlin is the leader dog and rules his furry pals very gently, yet strictly.

“We also have a younger dog whos manners are a bit far from perfect – but Merlin corrects the younger dog is he gets too harsh with the puppy too.

“Merlin lets the youngster know when he’s crossed the line – but he never gets aggressive or hurts the puppy, he’s just loud and clear.

“Magni has learned his limitations by now, but is still testing Merlin’s tolerance every now and then.

“I think it’s a natural way for dog packs to work. I supervise them very closely, analysing the dogs body language to keep communication between them controlled.”