Offbeat Video

By David Keane 

A young mum believes the ghost of a family friend may have come to her home because they were not able to meet her baby in life – after the tot appeared to spot the spirit and CHASE IT on camera.

Jessica Lewis, 26, was filming nine-month-old Nylah playing when an unknown shape whizzed past that she says the baby spotted and then crawled after – and has been waving at unseen things since.

The mum-of-one believes the shape could have been the spirit of a family friend who had been eager to meet Nylah but tragically passed away just a few months before she was born.

The spooky sighting was made on the anniversary of the friend’s death and Jessica claims that the baby has been interested in the exact spot where the shape vanished ever since.

Jessica, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, said: “I didn’t see it straight away. I’m always videoing my daughter but when I watched the footage a couple of days later I was like ‘oh my God, what is that?’.


“The shape even makes a noise. I didn’t hear this at the time, I only heard it when I watched the video back.

“Nothing was going on in the room at the time, it was just me and Nylah there.

“Nylah is very energetic and interested in everything. She is very friendly and does tend to crawl towards anybody that she likes.

“When you watch the video you can see Nylah’s eyes catch it and she goes towards wherever it went.

“Since then she keep going over to that same spot, which where the chimney breast was, and she keeps waving at it.

“A family friend of ours was looking forward to meeting Nylah but she sadly passed away before Nylah was born. It was very sudden and unexpected – she was not even 60.


“The day Nylah saw the shape was the anniversary of her death.

“I would not be freaked out if it was her visiting us. It is not scaring me much. Whatever it is must be friendly as Nylah was waving at it. I am not afraid to be home alone when my partner [Christian May] is out.

The footage is Jessica’s first paranormal experience however ever since she has had lights flickering in the house and Nylah has been waving at someone even though no one is there.

Jessica, who is currently on maternity leave from her job as an occupational health nurse, said: “It’s the first time I have seen anything like that.

When my sister was young she had an imaginary friend and my mum says she is always seeing weird things. But it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything.

“But little things keep happening now [since I filmed the video], such as lights flickering and they’ve never done that before. I don’t know what that’s about. It could be connected but not sure what it is or what it could be.

“Nylah has been poorly but I don’t think that’s anything to do with it.

“The shape went to where the fireplace was and she has been quite intrigued by that area ever since – though had not paid it any attention before this. She has been crawling for a while but she has only started going over to that spot now.

“I don’t know if the house is old but it is probably less than 100 years old I would have thought. However we do live near a graveyard that is at the bottom of our road.

“I have not seen anything there but to be fair it is freaking me out a bit.

“I do believe in that sort of thing [the paranormal] after what my mum told me about my sister’s imaginary friend but I have never looked for it before in photos or videos.”