By Hannah McFadyen

This real-life Rapunzel looks like she’s stepped right out of a fairytale.

13-year-old Brody Partridge has NEVER chopped her golden hair – and no has stunning 27-inch long tresses.

Just like the Rapunzel of the German fairy tales, Brodyfrom Hereford, is forced to wear her hair in a plait most of the time – and it can take up to a day and a half to dry naturally.

PIc by Caters News 

But despite her lifelong dedication, brave Brody is set to have her luscious locks chopped off – and will be donating it to a charit who make wigs for children with cancer.

Nicola Partridge, 42, Brody’s mum, said: “Her hair is beautiful – she does get lots of attention for it, people are always stopping her in the street and saying how lovely her hair is.

“She does get compared to Rapunzel – especially by young kids and they absolutely love her hair – they always say they want hair like hers.

“She’s never had it cut, she did think about it a few years ago, but she didn’t go through with it

“It does need quite a lot of care – you’ve got to use a good conditioner, make sure it’s brushed and plaited, and run oil through her hair to make it look tidy.”

Nicola has only just trimmed a little of the end of Brody’s hair in order to keep some of her baby hair.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News 

The teen is set to donate almost all of her 27inch locks to The Little Princes Trust – a charity that makes wigs for children.

Despite the compliments she gets Brody says that she doesn’t think she’ll miss having long hair as it’s time for a change.

Brody said: “I really wanted to get my haircut as it was getting hard to take care of because it’s so long.

“It’s hard for me to wash and brush by myself and just because they’re so much of it, my mum’s got to help me with it.

“I liked having long hair when I was younger, but now it’s time for a change and I think it’s good that I can help some people when I’m donating it.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News

“I’m really excited about getting it cut – I’m going to get it done in pixie cut. I don’t think I’ll miss having long hair though.”

Nicola added: “I was surprised when she came to me with the idea about donating her hair to the little princess charity because I hadn’t heard of it.

“I thought it was a great idea and now we’re also trying to raise money to give to the charity – we’ve got some boxes in local shops and we’re also trying to get some donations in online through our gofundme page.

If you want to donate to The Little Princess Trust to help Brody reach her goal, you can find her campaign here –