Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a formerly deaf boy hears live music for the first time, thanks to a ‘miracle’ implant – and he can’t help but dance.

When Jace Lee turned four-years-old in March 2017, mum Brenda became increasingly worried about the lack of progression in her son’s speech, only to later learn he suffered a sudden case of Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss, rendering him completely deaf.


Spending the following months in virtual silence, finally little Jace was fitted with a Cochlear Implant – a surgically implanted electronic device providing a sense of hearing to the profoundly deaf.

Three months after having the aid fitted, Brenda thought it was about time he experienced his first basketball game on January 2, as he continues his rediscovery of world through the medium of sound.

But it wouldn’t be the basketball match that grasped the curious tot’s attention.


Walking through the halls of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, Jace runs towards the thumping noise now present in his ears and is momentarily mesmerized by the booming sound, before galloping across the floor and busting some moves.

Overwhelmed by her son’s reaction to the band, Brenda, 26, said: “Very suddenly we realised Jace no longer was responding to his name or turning when sounds were made.

“He had a number of tests as to why, but the results have been in conclusive; no reason, it just went away.

“He is so curious now, we love watching him discover new things and sounds.

“This was his first basketball game and we were so excited – it’s special to us to have these experiences as a family and have him soak everything up in this way.


“As we walked in, he signed to us ‘where is that sound’ and danced his way down the stairs to where the band were.

“It’s overwhelming for us, sometimes we don’t cry because of the excitement and sometimes we are excited to tears.

“This was the first time he’d seen a live band and he was overwhelmed – his body just told him what to do.

“We hope he will now get the best out of the implants and lead a successful, happy life.”