Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones 

A daredevil has waited two years for the opportunity to land the UK’s first ever Skiing base jump.

Tim Howell, 28, from Martock, in Somerset, completed the jump in December, last year, and was inspired by watching James Bond movies as a child.


The video, taken in Glencoe, Scotland, shows Tim construct the slope with snow before launching himself off the end and gliding to the ground below.

He said: “I had been waiting for two years for this opportunity.

“I needed the wind to be low and in the right direction as well as snow on the ground and this is one of the few places in the UK where I could have done this.

“I spent a few hours building the run into the jump, compacting the snow I had, It would have been easier with more snow but this was probably the only chance I had to do it this winter.

“We drove 18 hours round trip to get to this mountain, I was so happy that the effort paid off and my project of two years was complete.”


Tim is an experienced jumper but was desperate to try it out in the UK after he was inspired by spy movies as a child.

He said: “I watched a lot of James Bond movie as a child, especially ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and a lot of skiing movies.

“This is why I knew I always wanted to try it.

“I have done previous jumps in the alps but have always been waiting for the opportunity to do it in the UK.

“Of course lots of people think its mental, from their perception I’m sure it is, but from mine, I knew I could do it and it was a challenge that I was prepared for and experienced enough to pull off.”