Life Video

By Ben Walley 

A young Bruno Mars fans was left in tears after receiving the surprise of his life – concert for his world tour.

Carlos Tarkei-Neilson, 10, was surprised by his uncle, Luke Neilson, 37, at his home in Auckland, New Zealand, on Christmas day, last year, after telling Carlos that the concert was sold out.

Luke said: “Bruno is his favourite performer, he has never been to a concert before so this will be his first time.

“I purchased the tickets last March when they went on sale but I told Carlos that the tickets had all gone.

“I told him that I had missed out and couldn’t get tickets and that I was so sorry but that we would go together and sit in the parking lot and listen with dinner.

“He was actually excited about that because at least he would be able to hear it.”

Luke wrapped the tickets inside a Bruno Mars CD and placed the CD inside a shoebox but no one expected such an emotional reaction.

The teacher said: “No one expected him to react that way as he is normally a confident and loud child. No one thought he would cry.

“I imagine he felt excited, happy and relieved. He was lied to for a whole year, so he would have also taken some time to come to terms with this.

“For the rest of the day he was his normal self, however, he did put the CD on repeat and was singing all the time.”