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By Katy Gill

An adorable disabled pooch is still allowed to play in the snow – thanks to its makeshift wheelchair skis.

Pic by Caters News

Doting owner Susan Freeman, created a set of skis for her disabled tan dachshund, Molly, to make sure she could still move around when the snow hit.

Molly suffered an intervertebral disc disease episode in 2015 and is now paralyzed, meaning that she can’t use her back legs.

Pic by Caters News

However Susan and family wouldn’t let Molly remain immobile for long, so created a wheelchair for her to be able to maneuver around in.

And living in Canada, the Freeman’s knew that the snow would hit at some point – so bought a pair of skis to connect to her wheelchair.

Susan, 58, said: “We decided to order her a cart so that she could be mobile again – but during the winter we noticed that Molly had issues getting the cart through the snow.

Pic by Caters News

“We start looking for skis and found a child’s scooter that came with skis that were the exact size we were looking for, and after looking for a long time, it was such an exciting day.

“Molly is now very happy – she loves to ski and goes so fast. She also gets so much attention from others when they see her.

“Molly has a great quality of life – she swims in the summer, goes on hikes, boats around and skis in the winter, she’s an amazing pup!”