Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This unfortunate woman waved goodbye to being dry when she got soaked through an open car window while watching Storm Fionn.

As the most recent storm hit Ireland on January 16, Brendan Hayes and his wife Amanda decided to watch the stormy seas off Bantry, West Cork.

Focussing on the volatile tides, suddenly Amanda screams out and the video pans to the final dregs of the water landing on her face and body.

Continuing to film, Brendan laughs along while his wife quickly but belatedly rolls her window up and begins to dry herself off.

Brendan said: “When Amanda got drenched, I was so surprised that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“I did feel a little bit sorry for her, but it was really funny.

“Fortunately, she’s always great fun so wasn’t too upset, just more worried about her phone.

“We’d come out to go shopping though and had only stopped for a few minutes after spotting how wild the waves were.

“She had to go shopping soaked to the skin.”