Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith 

This is a dam high jump into a wintery wonderland.

Brit Tim Howell leapt from the top of the snow-covered Tignes Dam in the French Alps.


After free-falling for a few second, he deploys his parachute and drifts down towards the white landscape below.

With just a narrow landing strip to aim at between buried rocky outcrops and hidden trees, he slightly misjudges and ends up hitting a rock feet-first.

Tim, 28, said: “I have jumped from this dam many times before, but never when it was this snowy. It was nice to jump in such conditions.


“I was BASE jumping off a 500ft dam and tried to land in the small landing area. Unfortunately due to the amount of snow the one kilometre hike to the jump took many hours.

“It looks amazing to jump with the snow, but doing it in winter can make it more complicated.”