Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Music and nature seemed to synchronise for once perfect moment when a meteor flew through the sky, mirroring the lyrics of a song.

Collin Bulkle, 17, had just dropped his dad off and was heading back home when he saw a flicker in the corner of his eye.

Perplexed, he wondered about it the whole drive home and when he checked his dashcam footage he realised what a perfect moment he’d captured.

A shooting star had struck through the sky at the exact moment that the lyrics of his song sung out ‘flashing by’.

Criminal Justice student Collin said: “As I was singing along to my music, I noticed the sky get progressively brighter until it reached a climax. I initially mistook the flash for a bolt of lightning, but I heard no thunder.


“This perplexed me for the rest of the drive home. I thought I was going nuts. I then remembered I had a dashcam, and promptly checked the footage.

“Turns out I had just barely caught the meteor itself in frame. Cool enough, right? There’s more: The audio (which had to be edited due to the poor quality of the dashcam  itself), turned out to be perfectly in sync with the meteor explosion.

“The song was Poets Of The Fall’s “Late Goodbye”, and the lyrics “Flashing by” were spoken just as the meteor exploded in the atmosphere. I honestly still have a hard time believing that happened. “Never tell me the odds!”

“I can’t say that I have ever seen one before, though I have always wanted to. Talk about wishing upon a shooting star!

“I don’t think anyone knew, much less so, me. Again, I had no idea that it was even a meteor until I got home and saw the footage.”