Video Viral

By Helen Le Caplain

This is the hilarious moment a screaming ‘demon food baby’ only stopped crying when she got her mitts on a huge slice of pizza and started nibbling at the toppings – proving that to this tot food is life.

The funny footage proves that ordinarily angelic 13-month-old Evie Bunting has a ferocious appetite and a temper to match when she hasn’t got a meal in front of her.

Her exasperated mum Lacey Jones filmed the funny 17-second clip on her phone as she grabbed dinner in the Gravesend branch of Asda on Tuesday.

Little Evie, who had already wolfed down a kid’s portion of chicken nuggets and chips, set her sights on the 16-inch doughy delight Lacey had bought to share with Evie’s dad Ste Bunting and her five-year-old son Harley Bunting.

But when 25-year-old Lacey took the spicy meat feast pizza away from Evie for fear she would burn her mouth the hangry tot let rip.

Full-time mum Lacey from Gravesend, Kent, said: “She’s a lovely baby but as soon as food comes out we call her the demon food baby – she just sits there and screams.


“People don’t believe me because she’s usually so innocent and lovely so I filmed her to show everyone what she’s like.

“Before I started filming she was screaming while trying to drag the pizza box over to her.

“The pizza wasn’t supposed to be for Evie. I told her ‘no Evie, it’s hot’ but she thought I meant the temperature was hot so started blowing on it.

“She was absolutely hysterical because she wasn’t allowed to eat it, it was mortifying having everyone look at us so in the end I just let her have some.

“She had some chilli beef and a tiny bit of jalapeno which she didn’t like and ended up spitting out but the spicy chicken and pepperoni ended up being a winner.”

Mum-of-two Lacey said that little Evie’s love of food is so strong that while waiting for her own food while eating out she’ll toddle off to sniff out what other people are having and drop major hints she’d like a taste.

Lacey said: “Last week we ate out at an American-style diner and were sat in an old-fashioned booth.

“While we were waiting for the food she managed to climb up onto the windowsill and was trying to get into the next booth because the other people had food.

“She went up to them, stared at their meals and started going ‘umm’.

“If we’re sat in a restaurant waiting for our own food or have finished, when a waiter walks past with plates she’ll follow them making the same ‘umm’ sound. It’s pretty embarrassing.”

Lacey said Evie’s appetite for tasty treats started as soon as she tried solid food for the first time – even grinding food down with her gums before her teeth came through.

Lacey said: “As soon as she went onto solid foods she took to it like a duck to water. Even when she had no teeth she would just chew on her gums, she didn’t care about not having any teeth, just the food.

“Looking back at the video makes me laugh so much – she’s such a drama queen about everything, just like her mum.”