By Lauren Fruen 

This home hides an amazing secret – it has a lazy river running all the way through it.

The three buildings at the impressive house are connected by a 90-foot stream.

It means the owners can swim from the living room to the dining room and then float to the bedroom come nighttime.

Architect Alfred Browning Parker is understood to have designed the home for himself back in 1968.

He also refused to tears down nearby trees and built the house in Florida around them.

The impressive 18,000 square foot residence is said to have sold for a whopping $2.05 million in April last year.

Boasting a master bedroom three storeys high, library space and a room over the pool the house also has an open-air bedroom which has just three walls.

There is also a lagoon, waterfall and jacuzzi at the unique home.

A listing for the house which was pictured by PlanOmatic said: “Each pavilion has distinctive views of lush gardens, rare palms and a lagoon-like koi pond with waterfalls.

“A sauna and cabana shower room complete its spalike feel.”