Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

These veteran daredevils came together from all over the world to cast stunning formations in the sky, appearing to defy the laws of gravity in their mesmerizing movements.

Several thousand feet above the ground in Sebastian, Florida, all-star daredevil collective, Team Need4Speed, have congregated together from over 16 different countries to perform an array of seemingly impossible maneuvers in breath-taking symmetry.

Despite hurtling through the skies at neck-breaking speeds, the group seem strangely peaceful and still, as they create exquisite formations in the sky.

The most impressive trick of all comes as each of the 22 thrill-seekers take it in turn to barrel roll around the other wing suit pilots, a stunt requiring the utmost precision and control to avoid fatal consequences.

PIC FROM Caters News

The display, which comes as part of the team’s series ‘Project Blue Sky’, is topped off with another incredibly dangerous stunt, as one parachuter stands on the back of a wingsuit pilot, hitching a ride in impressive style.

Jarno Cordia, a veteran skydiver with over five-and-a-half thousand jumps under his belt, who organized the team, said: “The Need4Speed Project Blue Skies Project has been an ongoing competition where we look for the most talented wingsuit pilots worldwide to come together and showcase our abilities.

“With one or two exceptions, we are all people with normal jobs who skydive as a hobby.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We communicate and brief the formations on the ground, then once in the air, it’s all done without communication – it’s a group executing a well-orchestrated plan completely from memory.

“The whole project is about team spirit and the shared love of flight – the feeling of being in one of those formations is incredible.

“Everyone in the team is so proud to see their own flying and how we all flew together and made an amazing thing happen as a group.”

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