Life Video

By Sophie Norris

A mum-of-three was shocked to discover her innocent eight-year-old son had written a chilling death warning on his bedroom wall.

Kayleigh Parnham was tipped off by her daughter, Ellie Wilson, 7, her crafty older brother, Alex Watson, 8, had written on the walls in invisible ink.


When Kayleigh whipped out a UV pen and started tracing the room looking for the secret note, she was horrified to find Alex had written ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘I am dead’ below.

Further along the wall the ‘demon spawn’ had written ‘shh…’ and ‘you will die’.

Now the teacher, from Maidstone, Kent, has shown other parents Alex’s artwork and admits she thought about running to the other side of the world for a brief moment.

Alex, a keen comic book fan and wannabe YouTuber was allegedly inspired by fight scenes from Lego Ninjago and Spiderman films.

Kayleigh, 30, said: “I couldn’t believe when I discovered my darling son had done that.

“I bet we look like a bunch of psychopaths. When I first found it I was a bit in shock to be honest.

“The little darling then showed me another message he’d written that said his little sister was going to kill everyone.

“Luckily, he’d also written ‘I love you’ on his sister’s bed so he’s not a complete demon.”


Superhero-mad Alex had been playing with his two sister, Ellie and younger Kaitlynn Hopper, 3, when Ellie ran over to tell her mum what her naughty older brother had been up to.

When confronted about scrawling on his bedroom walls, Alex admitted he thought it was fine because it could only be seen under UV light.

Kayleigh said: “His younger sister grassed him up. She said ‘mum, Alex has written on the walls in invisible pens’. She witnessed him doing it.

“I asked him why he’d done it and he said he thought it’d be funny.

“So I said ‘show me where you’ve written, Alex.’ I then had to go around with a UV pen to find this hidden message.

“He’d been watching the Ninjago ghost episode – he loves Ninjago – and they’d been killing baddies on it.

“I’m a strict parent, I never let the kids watch films or play games that are too old for their age like some parents do.

“He’s autistic so his mind doesn’t work the same way as other people. In his mind, it was fine because he’d written it in invisible ink. I couldn’t really argue with that logic.”


Notably terrified by her discovery of the horror movie-style message, Kayleigh then sent the video to her friends to get their feedback.

She has now vowed to sleep with one eye open and joked about having to keep a baseball bat under her bed.

Kayleigh said: “I have a WhatsApp group of friends and I sent them the video. I said ‘if I ever go missing, my son did it.’ I joked that I’d need to keep a baseball bat next to my bed in the future.

“We had to sit down together as a family and discuss the rules of writing on walls again – even if it is with invisible ink.

“My partner [Steve Hopper] said ‘your son does worry me sometimes’. I sent the video to Alex’s dad [Tommy Watson] and step-mum [Emily Watson] and they were in hysterics.”

Kayleigh posted the video to her friends on Facebook and wrote: ‘The moment you discover your child is a creepy demon spawn with homicidal tendencies…’.”