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mini pig

By Sarah Francis

A playful mini pig has become an Instagram star for his oink-credibly cute videos.

Hank, a four-month-old miniature potbelly has stolen hearts around the world.

Owners, Will and Ashley Glass, 27 and 26, adopted the piglet at eight weeks old in 2016.

The couple from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA post videos of his adventures, such as going for walks and playing in ball pits to his account @mybestfriendhank, which has over 42K followers.

Ashley, a wedding coordinator, said: “He’s curious, playful, clumsy, and very, very snuggly. He loves people and he’s so sweet and he’s really smart.


“But his absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle. We have to make sure to get him to exercise because he’d just sit and snuggle with us on the couch all day if we let him

“We wish we could have a camera running all the time because he’s just constantly making us laugh.

“And he makes us way more active and social.


“Everyone wants to meet him when we take him for walks, and he loves the attention.”

When the couple decided to adopt a mini pig they found an ethical AMPA-registered breeder.

Will, a writer, said: “I’d always wanted a pig, ever since I was little.

“They’re my absolute favorite animal. My mum would never let me get one when I was growing up, but now I’ve got my own house.

“The only person who could’ve stopped me was my wife. And she loves cute baby animals, so that was easy.


Ashley said: “Pigs are like dogs in a lot of ways, like they can learn tricks and go for walks with you, but they can also be very bossy and stubborn, so it takes a lot of patience and love.

“They are smart and so loving and can be great with kids and families. Pigs are not for everyone, but Hank was perfect for us.

The couple post photos online of Hanks adventures, such as visiting Mardi Gras last month.


Will:”We started the Instagram for him kind of just as a way to document his growth.

“We wanted a place to share milestones and silly things we were excited about. So it was mostly just a “look what he’s doing now” kind of thing for our family and friends.

“But it’s surprised us how quickly the account has grown. But he’s thrilled to have so many new friends.”