Offbeat Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the bizarre moment a rogue tuk-tuk covered a distance of over one kilometre without a driver on a highway in India.

Travelling at a speed of almost 19 mph, the loaded three-wheeler first collided with a road divider then a lorry before its journey ended when it hit an oil tanker.

The incident, captured by an onlooker on his smartphone, took place in Ankleshwar in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

The auto started from a busy Ansar market and finally stopped a kilometre away at Tapi Loj near National Highway 8.

Luckily, no untoward accident took place throughout the tuk-tuk’s rouge run and according to locals, it was taken back by his owner from the spot later.

Harshad Kumar, a local said: “The tuk-tuk had left from a nearby market and travelled a distance of around one kilometre before hitting the oil tanker.

“The driver had come to the spot later and without anyone noticing taken back his tuk tuk.

“Most of the people, even police, came to know about the incident once the video went viral on the social media.”

The video clip which went viral on social media shows the driverless three-wheeler surprisingly moving on the middle of a three lane highway.

Suddenly, it swerves to the right lane and in a span of few seconds hits the divider. Shockingly, it continues to runs over it instead of abruptly coming to a halt.

For almost 10 meters of running on the divider, the tuk-tuk gets back on to the highway again and moves towards the left lane.

After covering a distance of around 25 to 30 meters, the three-wheeler collides with a lorry but keeps moving before it hits an oil tanker and finally comes to a halt.

A biker, who followed the tuk-tuk almost the whole journey, can be seen in the mirror of his bike bursting into laughter while his friend behind him capturing the incident on his mobile phone.

The bizarre incident came to light after it was widely circulated in social media.