Animals Video

By Katy Gill 

These baby snakes certainly didn’t need any EGG-ing on to get moving – instead starting to slither right after being born.

The female puff adder was filmed giving birth to an impressive litter of 57 babies.

Unlike most reptiles, puff adders do not lay eggs and instead give live birth.

The footage shows the tiny venomous babies unfurling themselves and slowly beginning to test their ability to slither about.

The video was taken by professional guide and snake park owner Ross Johnston in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Ross, 49, said: “This female puff adder gave birth to 57 babies. It’s a lot, but not the most we have ever seen, as one female once gave birth to 68.

“I have been keeping snakes ever since I was a young boy. I now own two parks that are set up for education about and rehabilitation of reptiles.

“The aim of my parks are to educate the public and release rehabilitate unwanted snakes. We work closely with training national parks and first aid suppliers.

“We rescue and release about 150 snakes per year, and all young snakes born or hatched in my parks are released back into the wild after a health check.”