Offbeat Video

By Siarhei Biazberdy

This is the incredible moment a daredevil hangs off a 350m tall platform using just one hand.

Having climbed up the radio tower near Galich in Kostromskaya, Russia, Alexander Ivanov shows off the vertigo-inducing view of the lush green forest below.

Pic by Alexander Invanov/Caters News

Scooting over to the edge of the platform, the 19-year-old slowly lowers himself over the side, clinging on to the barriers with both hands.

Dangling precariously above the trees, the daring teenager releases his left hand from the metal and holds it by his side and turns his body around to face into the horizon.

After staying there for more than five heart-racing seconds, Alexander heaves his body back on to the safety of the platform.

Pic by Alexander Invanov/Caters News

Alexander said: “This tower is not and never has been used.

“It was built in the early 90s when the time USSR collapsed and there were numerous promises to activate, but it never began.

“This is the reason it’s not guarded properly, so it was pretty easy to get on top of it.

“Though it also means that it’s dangerous as no one knows the real technical conditions of the tower.”