Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

This young skateboarder is head over heels with this trick – performing an amazing somersault.

One of the only 10-year-old skaters to pull off the stunt, Judah Cross looks to have a promising career ahead of him and is dreaming of representing Great Britain.

Dad Dougie Cross, 43, proudly watched on as his son built up speed, bent down to grab his board and then flew through the air in a backward somersault.


The pair, from Cornwall, go skating at least twice a week with Judah’s brothers and are constantly working on new tricks.

This was by far the most difficult stunt the primary school pupil has pulled so far.

Dougie said: “Judah had a go on a skateboard after watching one of his older brother’s friends have a go in 2014. He hasn’t looked back since.

“He was good at it from the beginning. He has natural balance. He does gymnastics twice a week as well, and I think the flexibility, agility and strength serve him well.


“We skate at least two days a week in winter and more in the summer when it’s not raining, and we go to as many competitions as possible.

“Skate competitions are a natural part of being a skater. They are relaxed and all-inclusive, loads of fun and really help raise your game.

“Judah was initially quite reluctant to ‘perform’ in front of people but as soon as he got going he was fine. Nowadays he looks forward to them.


“He has periods of learning a new tricks every time we skate and he’s getting strong and bigger all the time, meaning he can go faster and higher.

“The video of him performing the backflip is the first time he landed it. He had started trying around September, but then broke his collar bone, which wasn’t skateboarding related at all.

“He had to restart in December and landed it immediately. We were so excited and the response from everyone watching was amazing.

“I think he is maybe the only 10-year-old in the world who has done that. At least in the UK surely.”


Dougie also said his son’s passion for skating has helped him rediscover the sport.

He said: “I used to skate loads around 1986 to 1991, then gave it up completely until the boys started getting interested in it.

“Now all of us – me and four boys – all skate regularly.”