By Charlotte Nisbet 

These are the hilarious photos of a four week old baby boy who looks the spitting image of Gordon Ramsay.

Archie Grant, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, was only born last month but his parents, Sadie Evans, 28, and Ricky Grant, 24, can’t believe how similar he looks to the famous 51 year old chef.

They claim their son’s strawberry blonde hair, wrinkled forehead and grumpy expressions make Archie the perfect lookalike.

Pic from Caters News 

But it wasn’t until last week, after taking a quick photo of their baby boy, that his family realised his striking resemblance to Gordon Ramsay.

Ricky, a full time father, said: “At first we all just thought Archie looked like me but after taking a quick photo it became really obvious that he looks like a miniature Gordon Ramsay.

“Archie looks the most like the chef when he’s just had a bath as his forehead has wrinkles and his face tends to look grumpy.

“His hair is a strawberry blonde colour and it goes to the one side like Gordon Ramsay’s too.

“We’ve all found Archie’s resemblances to Gordon Ramsey really funny and we can’t wait to share them further.

Pic from Caters News

“I’ve not seen any other Gordon Ramsay lookalikes but we all think Archie is very convincing, despite the 51 year age gap.”

Archie – who unlike the fiery chef, is a totally laid back – has caused a stir online since his family posted a photo showing him as Gordon Ramsay’s young doppelganger.

Ricky added: “So many people have reached out to us and have commented on his similarities to the real Gordon Ramsay.

“We have no idea if he’ll grow up to look anything like him but at the moment he really does, especially in some photos.

“My two favourites are of Archie on his own and the image of Archie with his two sisters, Eira, five, and Summer, three.

“He’s a lovely baby and we couldn’t wish for a more well behaved boy.”