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By Taniya Dutta 

An Indian man who wanted to control a ‘Cobra’ by stitching up its mouth ended up dying after the highly venomous snake bit him in revenge.

Bhola Nath, an auto driver from Samastipur district in Bihar in eastern India had found the snake warming itself under the sun.

It was not moving due to the freezing cold and Bhola, who also had developed an interest in catching snakes, quickly grabbed the reptile by its neck.

Bhola then tried to stitch up its mouth using a thread and a needle, hoping to ‘control’ the snake before taking it home but just when he pierced the needle in its mouth, the cobra umped out of Bhola’s grip and bit him in his hand.

While Bhola initially survived the bite and brought the snake home, he eventually succumbed to the venom bite while on the way to a nearby hospital.

His angered family also killed the snake and buried the two side by side.

Locals said Bhola wanted to take the cobra home and tame it with use of power of herbs.

Ram Nath, a neighbour said: “He had recently started taking interest in catching snakes and would go to faraway villages catch one if there was a news.

“He had come home with the snake even after it bit him but started showing symptoms of snakebite minutes after. He had turned blue and died while on the way to hospital.”

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