Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

It’s nearly slackline and sinker for this adrenaline junkie, whose tightrope walk above a series of huge waves nearly washed him away.

In Nazaré, Portugal, one daredevil danced with death as he attempted a dangerous slacklining stunt above some ferociously choppy waves.

Sighted by photographer André Botelho, the anonymous thrill-seeker balances precariously in the middle of the sizable wire, just finding his footing before being annihilated by an almighty breaker.

Continuously, the stuntman is bashed and beaten by the towering tide, creating a piecemeal performance filled with frightening falls.

Thankfully for the soaked showman, he had the sense to attach a safety harness around his body to ensure this wouldn’t be his final curtain call.


Persevering for a staggering 30 minutes in the inhospitable conditions, the performer finally completed his walk, much to the amazement of Andre.

33-year-old Andre, who captured the dramatic scenes on December 30, said: “It was crazy to watch this guy.

“I don’t know who he was but I saw him beginning his walk and quickly grabbed my phone.

“I’m a photographer and usually I photograph pictures of the waves.

“It was so windy and the waves were so high, thankfully he was safely attached.

“It was absolutely amazing to watch. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”