Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This caring German Shepherd ensure there was snow way some flakes were going to fall on his feline best friend.

As icy drops drifted to the ground in Helsinki, Finland, on January 11, canine carer Julius was out playing with his cat friend Oliver.

The protective pooch uses his vastly greater-sized head to shield the chilly cat underneath his jaw.

Looking up at owner Linda Paaja with gorgeous brown eyes, Julius stays in place so very few of the snowflakes fall on the ragdoll kitten.

Linda said: “I thought it was very sweet of Julius to do this.

“He is very protective over Oliver and likes to take care of him.

“And Oliver feels safe with Julius, when he’s feeling a little unsure.

“They stayed there for some minutes, before Oliver got brave enough to go explore the snow some more.

“They do everything together, including eating, sleeping and playing.”