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By Bilal Kuchay

A 21-year-old mother in India died minutes after giving birth to conjoined twins attached at the abdomen.

Sajan Khatoon from Kharbana, a small village in Katihar in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, gave birth to yet to be named twins through caesarean delivery at a private clinic on January 8.


The baby boys have four limbs each, separate hearts and other organs, but being attached at the abdomen means they might be sharing some vital organs.

Due to the lack of facilities and availability of any paediatrician at the clinic, a child specialist named Dr. Rajesh Kumar was called by people to attend the twins.

Dr Rajesh said: “When I attended the twins, they were motionless. There was no sign of life in them.

“I immediately gave both of them physical stimulation and bag and mask ventilation. They responded well. The twins opened their eyes and cried.

“I recommended the twins to be taken to Katihar Medical College and Hospital as they needed to be kept on Intensive Care Unit (ICU).”

However, the family members did not take the twins to any hospital rather they were brought to the maternal grandfather, Mohammad Yunus’s house.


“Both the babies are in good condition. We are giving them milk through a feeding bottle,” said Mohmmad Moshin, the maternal uncle of the twins.

Since the news of the birth of conjoined twins broke in the area, locals from different villages have arrived at Yunus’s house to get a glimpse of them.

However, the family accuses that while many people feel very bad about the babies, some in the neighbourhood blame the “poor” kids for the death of their mother.

“It is shocking to see how people are holding these poor babies responsible for the death of their mother,” Mohsin added.