Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

These five pampered English bulldogs are enjoying a taste of the high life lying across luxury carpets while their owner gives them a pedicure.

Dasha Sebelova, from Brno, Czech Republic, has 18 dogs at her ranch that she shares with her husband, Rostislav Sebelova, 47, and two five- year-old twins, Sofia Channah Sebelova and Sarah Angela Sebelova.


The businesswoman claims that while her dogs are pampered and prone to laziness, she usually keeps them on a tight leash and trains them all by herself.

In this video, they are laid lazily side by side with their paws out waiting as she makes her way down the line clipping their nails.

Some dogs might be playing around and refusing to sit still throughout, but Quinetta, Moni, Lady, Nina Bonita and Nico, are so well-trained that when laid down side-by-side by Dasha they will stay still until she is done.

The lucky mutts even have their own specially-adapted dining table to eat from which has holes for their food bowls.


Dasha, 38, said: “The dogs are like my other children so I can’t help but pamper them a little too much. I’m strict with them at the same time though.

“The five of them spend most of their time together and are never apart. I call them the ‘bulldog squad’.

“I think bulldogs are the funniest dogs in the world. When they’re all together they’re always getting up to mischief.

“They can be lazy when they want to be. I cannot imagine life without them.

“When I’m clipping their nails they’re all really relaxed and just lie there and enjoy it.


“They’re really well-behaved but then they have to be because I have my two daughters around. It’s always been vital to us that all the breeds love children.

“It’s all about a bit of training each day and them knowing they can trust me as their owner.

“From puppies I take care of them and train them by myself.

“Because the dogs are walking all the time I have to cut their nails every month so this is a regular occurence in our house. They’ll all have a bath together too and they love it.”

Dasha’s dogs are partly cared for by her brother, George Feilhauer, 46, as she likes to keep busy looking after their other animals, which include horses, goats and parrots.


“Apart from the five bulldogs, we also have a Neapolitan Mastiff called Lucciano, English Mastiff named Greysi, our Kintamani, Conon, Irish wolfhounds Brandy and Silver, a Labrador named Angie, Russian toy terriers Josefina and Camelia and two chihuahuas – Maria and Fizzi.

“That’s too many dogs for one family to look after so my brother helps out with some of them.

“I love animals – the whole family do. I’ve worked with them since I was a child and they’re my hobby.

“We also have parrots, owls and horses because we live on a big ranch.

“They’re funny and love going on walks – although you wouldn’t tell that from the video.


“You would think my husband would laugh at me for making too much of a fuss but he doesn’t. He also adores animals.

“I love dogs so much – our house is so full of love because of them and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

“I work with my husband in our business but always make sure I have plenty of time to play with the kids and dogs.

“The girls enjoy helping out with the animals and I think it’s really important for them to grow up around them.”