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Adventurous dad David Expert, 44, took his kids on an adventure that they wouldn’t soon forget.

This French family took an extreme day out – they donned sumo suits and put their trampolining skills to the test.


Thomas, 13, Amelie, 7, and their dad bounce from place to place, body slamming each other and performing flips along the way.

David said: “This day, we just decided to put the sumo suits on and go crazy at the trampoline park.

It was one of the most fun days we have ever had together and we all highly recommend people to try it!

“It was the first time we have done that and we will definitely be doing this again at some point.

Caters News

“In videos there is my son Thomas, 13, my daughter Amelie, 7, and my friends. I have a lot of ideas every month. I have more than 100 videos like this one.

“We film every month our games and sports, a lot of parks saw our videos (more than 4 000 000 views this year on Facebook).

“Now we have a lot of opportunity to play and film everywhere, playing with everything, every day with everybody.

“I’m working on a website and we will start YouTube and other social medias.”