By Jamie Smith

These amazing shots show the unbelievable moment that highliner Andrew Karr was suspended over Portugal’s angry seas.

The pictures were taken by photographer Leonardo Domingos, 24, at Nazaré, Portugal – known for its big wage surfing competitions.

Pic by Leonardo Domingos/Caters News

The powerful waves seem ready to rise up and engulf the fearless highliner, but he pushes on and conquers the line.

Leonardo said: “Over the years I have learned to appreciate our world’s natural landmarks, and strive to use my connections with nature to express my artistic vision to the world.

“The fun part of this, is a completely different scenario, high lining normally is done on really high and long distances.

Pic by Leonardo Domingos/Caters News

“Here we have a small 30 meters aquatic line, which is fairly easy to accomplish to most athletes on the field.

“What makes this such a different thing is the location itself and how gnarly gets during winter season.

“I see this of one more example of man’s intensive search of perseverance and efforts to step out of the comfort zone.

Pic by Leonardo Domingos/Caters News

“As we progress and most things, though impossible some years ago, turn to a daily reality. It gets harder to find those precise and definitive moments that capture our attention.”