Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This adorable tot’s first experience with snow wasn’t the magical moment his parents may have hoped for – as he ends up falling face-first, before crying in a heap on the floor.

For Whitney Stutso, the first snowfall in Hudsonville, Michigan, marked an exciting occasion, as finally she’d be able to show her 19-month-old son, Vinn, the excitement that winter can bring.


Shuffling in his endearing snow boots towards the white blanket on the ground, curious Vinny looks delighted to be enjoying his first day out in the snow – but all that quickly takes a turn for the worse.

Urged by his mum to ‘touch it’, little Vinn bends town to grab a handful of the snow below, but accidentally loses his footing, and ends up with a mouthful of it instead.

Caught between laughing and wanting to cry along with her son, Whitney, who captured the moment on December 7, said: “Vinn has seen snow before, but this is the first time that he’s been old enough to go out and play in it.

“He’s a very curious kiddo, so I wanted to film his reaction as I thought he would be really excited to experience something new.


“He was really amused and curious to begin with, but all of that quickly changed after his tumble.

“I couldn’t help but laugh, but it also pulled on my heart-strings at the same time.

“We took him inside to warm him up, and he was so scared he kept crying that he didn’t want to go back outside.

“We tried to make a snowball with him, but he kept shaking his head, saying ‘No.’

“Thankfully the following weekend we were able to get him back out in the snow on a sled, which he loved.


“We plan to keep taking him out in the snow in the hope he starts enjoying it more.

“We love the outdoors, but we’ll always make sure we have the sled with us just in case.”