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By Josh Saunders

There’s a HOPPY ENDING for this former-bulging bunny who became PDSA’s largest rabbit weight loss.

Large Lola, from Alfreton, Derbyshire, weighed a whopping 7.4kg (1st 2) at her heaviest after her monstrous appetite saw her overindulging on carrots and barely leaving her hutch.

PICS BY SHAUN FELLOWS / CATERS NEWS: BEFORE Lola the giant rabbit at her first weigh-in for PDSA Pet Fit Club

The three-year-old podgy pet, was so swollen from sugary carrot treats that she was unable to groom herself properly.

After her pruning ceased, owner Karen Birks, 48, had to regularly bathe the rotund rabbit to ensure her fur was clean.

She entered the bloated bunny into the PDSA Pet Fit Club and within six months of carefully monitoring her diet she lost 1.8kg (4lb) – an impressive 24% of her body weight.

Lola is now the competitions largest rabbit weight loss in its 12-year history and her owner says the pet now has a new lease of life.

Karen said: “I’m delighted with how well she’s done, it’s amazing.

PICS BY SHAUN FELLOWS / CATERS NEWS: When she was at her heaviest of 1st 2 – 7.4kg, after she had been spoilled with bags of carrots during the winter

“When they told me she was the top rabbit slimmer ever in the history of PDSA Pet Fit Club I couldn’t believe it.

“She’s got so much more energy than before and she seems a lot happier, she’s certainly a lot cheekier.

“When I see her hopping around the garden it makes me so happy because this has changed her life.

Karen described the competition as an “eye opener” and said she was hugely grateful to the staff at PDSA Derby Pet Hospital for the support they had received.

PICS BY ACJ MEDIA / CATERS NEWS: AFTER Lola the giant rabbit gets measured by PDSA vet nurse Jill Hunter

Super-slimmer Lola who weighs 5.6kg (12lb) now has more energy than ever.

She added: “I can’t thank PDSA enough, they’ve been fantastic.

“We didn’t realise we were feeding her too much of the wrong food, but the vets and nurses have put us on the right path and now we want to keep it up.”

PDSA holds the Pet Fit Club competition every year, taking the country’s fattest pets by putting them through a six month diet and exercise challenge.

Each is specifically tailored and overseen by the charity’s vets and nurses.

As well as helping pets lose weight, it aims to raise awareness of the serious health and welfare implications of pet obesity.

PICS BY ACJ MEDIA / CATERS NEWS: Lola is a completely different bunny after losing 4lb -1.8kg- or just under a quarter of her bodyweight during PDSA Pet Fit Club

Since its launch in 2005, the Pet Fit Club competition has helped 79 dogs, 37 cats and 8 rabbits lose a total 71 stone – equivalent to a grand piano or 16,000 doughnuts.

PDSA vet nurse Katy Orton, who helped to judge the competition, said: “Pet obesity is a growing issue that affects millions of UK pets.

“Up to forty per cent of dogs and cats in the UK are estimated to be overweight or obese.

“Recognising a healthy body shape is an important first step, so we are encouraging pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s weight to speak to their vet or vet nurse as soon as possible.

“This expert advice can help owners make the necessary changes to ensure their four-legged friends lead a happier, healthier life.”

Find out more about this year’s pet slimmers and register your interest for next year’s competition at