Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

These are some seriously HIGH-fives – as two pals put their hands together at 10,000 feet.

Skydiver Sindre Espejord, from Oslo, Norway, was jumping with his friend Vegard Iarsen.

Sindre Espejord/Caters News

To make it a little more interesting, they decided to do several high-fives in the skies about Tonsberg, Norway.

However, the stunt looks as dangerous as it is fun, with the two friends hurtling through the air towards each other.

But despite one or two of the moves looking a little awkward, they manage a series of high-fives before pulling their rip cords and landing safely.

Sindre has been skydiving for six years and has completed over 650 jumps.

Sindre Espejord/Caters News

The 28-year-old said: “I have been skydiving since 2012, and I was hooked ever since my first jump.

“I love the freedom, the people and the endless possibilities for progression in some many jumping disciplines.

“We always try to have fun when we skydive and we thought on this particular jump that we would try and fly towards each other and get as close as we could so we could high-five.

“It was really fun and sometimes a bit scary as there were times I thought we were going to fly and smash into each other. That would have been very bad.

“But we haven’t had any collisions before and didn’t this time, which is good considering how dangerous this is.

“We are both experienced skydivers and I would not recommend rookies try it.”