Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the adorable moment a female dog is seen feeding two goat kids as they ignore their mother standing next to them.

The video shot on a mobile phone captures the moment a white goat kid comes running to a lactating dog and latches to her as its mother stands next to them in bewilderment.


Seconds later a brown kid also joins its brother as the dog’s baby struggles to get hold of its mother.

The goats and dog family belongs to Shiv Baran Yadav from Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

Shiv Baran said his goat had fallen ill and was unable to feed her babies. His pet dog had also given birth recently and was feeding her pups when the baby goats came running to her for milk.


The unnamed dog has been feeding both her three pups and the goats for last two weeks.

Shiv Baran said: “This is a very unique scene which none of the villagers have seen before.

“The dog is very friendly but the way it is feeding goats is surprising.”