Offbeat Video

By Paige Haydon 

 This cliff jumper certainly switched up his morning routine – jumping straight out his tent and off a cliff.

Thibault Cheval, 24, was camping on the peak of Castleton Tower, a 400ft sandstone tower in the Utah desert.

Having stumbled out of his tent, Thibault decides the best way to wake up to launch off the top.

Strapping on his helmet and GoPro, he runs to the edge of the tower and jumps, recording his descent and fantastic views of Castle Valley.

Thibault, a rope access worker from France, said: “It was a really great and fun experience, to run across the top of that tower and jump in this wonderful environment.

“I was there with my friends to rig the old world record highline – 500m long – with my friends.

“I did it because it was a funny way to jump off of that cliff. I loved being focused during the run, extremely focused while leaping off the cliff, and enjoyed the free fall feelings.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“I wasn’t really scared, just focus on what I was doing, at the very moment I was doing it.

“After the parachute opened I felt satisfied because everything went as I planned it. The free fall gives you a particular sense of freedom and self-control.

“I jump off of cliffs about 150 times per year, so I know you have to be really committed to this sport. You have to know how to prepare your gear, where to jump, and how to stay safe.

“Before jumping off a cliff you need to train a lot, it’s not something you can do like walking to the grocery store.

“With good and appropriate training it is something really fun to do” said the cliff jumper.