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By Nelson Groom 

Bopping his head up and down with a beaming smile, this adorable video captures the moment an American toddler heard music for the first time due to life-changing surgery.

Little Owen Montoya was born deaf, but last week the 15-month-old underwent surgery in Phoenix, Arizona, to place a cochlear implant in his left ear.

PIC FROM Janae Montoya / Caters News

And heartwarming footage shows the magical moment the device was hooked up to his mum’s phone via bluetooth to welcome the tot into the world of music.

Owen’s mum Janae Montoya said: “We were so excited for to see him enjoying music this much, it was the craziest moment ever.

“When we found out Owen was deaf it was hard for us, because our family is very musical. I’ve always wanted him to experience it.

“I was a bit nervous when I turned the music on, because lots of babies don’t react very well. I was expecting to have to turn it right off.

“But Owen is different, he marches to the beat of his own drum. Straight away he started dancing, bopping his head and rocking out.”

PIC FROM Janae Montoya / Caters News

Nurse and mum-of-one Janae, 26, was concerned because her son was initially alarmed by the beeping tests once his cochlear implant was turned on.

But she said the moment they hooked his new listening device up to her phone to play music, his frown turned upside down.

Janae played Owen a gospel song which is special to the family, who are deeply religious and tightly involved with their local church.

And it seems it was love at first listen as she said Owen he has been totally immersing himself in music every day since.

Janae added: “He’s been in plugged in the last two days listening to different stuff and absolutely loving it. He loves live music most, I think he feels like he’s actually there.

PIC FROM Janae Montoya / Caters News


“His grandparents use to sing, I used to sing, my brother went to a musical school, we’re all singers and very musical. It’s a huge part of everything we do.

“This has opened so many doors to him. Owen is perfect the way he is, but the cochlear implant is a tool for him to build relationships and experience music.

“It can be heartbreaking knowing something is closed off to your child, and now he has every opportunity in the world.”