Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones 

A daredevil kitesurfer made the perfect transition from a third-floor balcony to the sea in one fell swoop.

The video shows Evan Netsch, 27, run and jump from the balcony and glide down to the water in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.


Evan said: “I will admit it is pretty reckless and not the best of ideas.

“The wind was the perfect direction and speed and I made a last minute decision to give it a go.

“What makes this particularly unique and difficult is really just the location and some of the surrounding dangers.

“First to get up to the balcony I had to launch my kite from below me off the upstairs deck.

“Once the kite was in the air I kept it very low in the sky so I could walk through the building doors and fly the kite from the inside out doorway.


“Once I was in and all set up I didn’t waste much time getting back out.

“I had my board in my hand that I was able to put on my feet while in the air and make it into the water.”

Evan has been kitesurfing since he was 10-years-old and came up with the idea two years ago.

He said: “The idea really just came when I saw how the building was set up relative to the water.

“It was as if it was built to be jumped out of.

“I figured it would just be even funnier if I managed to actually start inside as if I was just hanging out at the bar and go from there to the water.

“It was just the place itself inspired me to try it out.”