Offbeat Video

By Katy Gil

This incredible footage captures the moment that boiling water instantly gets so cold that it turns into ice above a woman’s head.

Musician and Photographer Debbie Center, 56, throws a pan over boiling water above her, only for it to immediately turn to snow in the -33 degrees Celsius/ -28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Minnesota is known for its freezing winters but Debbie believes that despite the brutal temperatures, it’s a paradise.

Pic from Debbie Center/Caters News

She said: “You have to do this as quickly as possible with your boiling water when you go outside, as the water will cool off quickly out there and you won’t see this effect.

“I was dressed for the weather, so I was surprised that I felt perfectly comfortable in spite of the ridiculous temperature.

“I could barely feel slightly warm vapours around me, and also felt a few little iced droplets on my skin. It’s amazing how quickly it vaporizes!

“Never throw the water directly toward your body – my right arm was actually stretched to the right of my body, so the water wasn’t aiming for my face, but rather directly over me and to the right.

Pic from Debbie Center/Caters News

“This was done in one take! I was just amazed that the sun remained so beautifully cantered throughout the video.

“I’m just thrilled that so many people have shared my video and left wonderful comments for me! It’s so much fun to show people all over the world why I adore living in Minnesota, even when the temperature is, well, brutal. I truly feel it’s paradise here!”