Life Video

By Ben Walley

Watch the adorable moment an eight year old girl is surprised with a kitten for her birthday.

Viviane Vannoy, from Boone, North Carolina, USA, jumps up and down in delight when her mum Susan, 41, walks in with a bag hiding a mystery birthday surprise.

When the bag starts to move, Viviane takes a look inside, and to her surprise finds that the bag is hiding a small kitten.

Viviane then breaks down in tears of joy, before eventually holding and petting her new feline best friend.

Susan said: “Viviane has wanted a kitten for the past four of five years, and everything she drew and wrote about in school involved cats.

“She once even said that when she grows up she wants to have a large pink house with 100 cats – my husband Michael and I think it’s hilarious that her goal is to be a cat lady!

“Michael and I were talking about what to give Viviane for her birthday this year, and we both decided that it would be the best gift we could ever give her.

“It didn’t surprise me that she cried, I just think she was in shock at first as she had absolutely no idea that she was getting a kitten.

“She’s named him Buddy, like Buddy the Elf- because he’s friendly and likes people.

“She spent the rest of the day playing with him and fighting with her five year old sister Anabelle over who was going to get to hold him.

“They’re so sweet together and she takes good care of him – she feeds him, plays with him, and cleans out his litter box.

“They also cuddle up and sleep together at night which is super cute.

“I’m excited that they get to grow up together.”