Nature Video


By Jack Williams 

These shimmering images showcase how sub-zero temperatures are turning America’s waves to SLUSH.

Jonathan Nimerfroh’s glistening shots – described by the photographer as “slurpee waves” – were taken off Nobadeer Beach, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Pic by Jonathan Nimerfroh/Caters News

Some show roll after roll of icy waves, artistically shot as stand-alone images, while others include the surfers who were brave enough to tackle the waters that day.

Jonathan, 37, said the most difficult part of the January 2nd shoot was simply staying warm.

The air temperature, he said, was 12 Fahrenheit (-11C); the ocean temperature was 36 Fahrenheit (2C).

Witnessing such phenomenons is extremely rare in open waters, but Jonathan, who lives on Nantucket, has been fortunate enough to shoot such wave formations twice.

In 2015, the photograph shot similar images, which gained his work a lot of traction within photography circles.

Pic by Jonathan Nimerfroh/Caters News

Jonathan said: “Slurpee waves are the kind of thing you might only be lucky enough to see once, so I count myself as very lucky to have seen them twice.

“I ran up and down the beach, taking as many photos as I could of this freezing, fleeting show of nature.

“I love how the Slurpee Waves connect us all, and bring a little happiness to the wintertime.

Pic by Jonathan Nimerfroh/Caters News

“And I love the fact how, when they come, they’re so fleeting.

“You gotta catch them, you know? Heed the call!”