boobs implants

By Hannah Crocker

A woman has gone through 13 years of hell thanks to botched boobs implants all because her hubby told her she looked like a MAN.

Janey Byrne has had five operations, four lots of boobs implants, three different surgeons and forked out £20,000 – and all she’s got to show for it is scarring and swelling, leaving her feeling too disgusted to look in the mirror.

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Janey, 48, got her first boob job in 2004, after her husband Dave, also 48, joked that her 36AA boobs made her look like a man.

But Janey has suffered disaster after disaster with her boobs – claiming they were left botched after a number of surgeries went wrong.

After being affected by the PIP scandal in 2012,  her implants were replaced with something Janey claims left her breasts tight and painful – she claims surgeons replaced them with the wrong sized implants, before she finally got a size she was happy with.

But when she noticed her boobs were wonky six months ago, she went back to her surgeon who suggested an uplift – and when she went under the knife last month, he discovered her implants had ruptured.

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Now, Janey has been left with no implants and in agonising pain while her body recovers.

Janey, an office manager from Laughterton, Lincs, said: “When I was younger, I was a double A cup and had no boobs at all.

“I did struggle with it growing up – I felt very boyish, and lacked self-confidence.

“But I never really considered having a boob job, because I was scared at the thought of surgery.

“But one day, Dave was stood behind me in the mirror – he put his hands on my breasts, and said ‘you look like a man!’

“I know Dave has always been a bit of a boob man, but it wasn’t something he’d brought up before – I was shocked.

“I was absolutely gutted, I was so, so upset by it.

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“It made me feel so unattractive and manly – if I wore a dress I felt like a man in drag.

“Dave even sold his BMW for £4000 to get the money for it.”

Initially, Janey had no problems with her boobs implants, which had taken her from a AA to a B cup – despite her reservations, she felt great and it boosted her confidence.

But when the PIP scandal broke out, she went to get her implants checked – and discovered they needed to be replaced.

She said: “I just wanted to get them replaced, but the surgeon said I’d need an uplift too – I didn’t want that, because it meant scarring.

“In the end I had to go ahead with it, because the surgeon refused to do it without an uplift too – and that cost another £5000.

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“But after the surgery, I just didn’t feel right.

“I couldn’t move my arms properly, and I was in agony – the boobs implants were too big and too tight, they’d taken me to an E cup which I never wanted.

“They were droopy and felt like big, heavy weights on my body.

“Every day I was in pain – it was so depressing.”

Eventually, Janey went to a different surgeon who agreed they needed loosening, and she booked an appointment to have the implants replaced again – at a cost of £4500.

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But despite agreeing on D cups, Janey claims she was mistakenly given whopping F cups – which she said were “horrendous” and made her feel like a glamour model.

So in 2015, Janey went to yet another surgeon and booked in to have a boob reduction to a D cup and an uplift – and she forked out another £5500.

She said: “This surgeon was great – he understood my problem completely.

“He said he could sort it and replace them with smaller implants, but he said I would need another uplift – he said, ‘it’s a wonder they haven’t dropped off by now!’

“He did a perfect job, and I was so happy with the result.”

But as time went on, Janey started to notice her boobs becoming wonky – and six months ago, her sister commented on it too.

She said: “I went back to my surgeon, and he agreed that my right breast was about two centimetres higher than my left breast.

“He said, ‘perhaps implants don’t suit you, why don’t you have them out?’

“The doctor said I’d have droopy, saggy skin where the implants had been, so he said he’d do another uplift.”

But when Janey came round from the surgery, she was horrified to find out that the old implants had ruptured inside her.

The faulty implants have now been sent back to the manufacturer for testing.

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Janey, who is now back to a B cup, added: “Boob jobs have ruined my life, and I wish I’d never had it done to begin with.

“To Dave, saying I looked like a man might have been a throw away comment, which he says it doesn’t remember, but it stuck with me and kick started 13 years of hell – it’s been one drama after another.

“I don’t blame Dave for any of this, I know he loves me and wants me to be happy.

“Without Dave’s support I wouldn’t have been able to have additional surgery to correct any of the issues, as he sorted all the loans – it’s not his fault.

“He might’ve been a boob man before, but he’s definitely not now – he’s seen how awful big boobs can be with the sagging, and what I’ve been through after all the surgery.

“I never wanted mega huge boobs to begin with, it was Dave who pushed it – but now my boobs are just scarred, and I hate looking at myself – I wish I’d just stayed how I was.

“But if by sharing my story, I can put just one woman off of having a boob job, then it’ll be worth it.”

Dave added: “I don’t remember saying Janey looked like a man, but it definitely stuck with her so I must’ve done.

“At the end of the day I love her and just want her to be happy.

“She’s been to hell and back with all this surgery, and after everything she’s been through I’m glad she’s had the implants taken out now.

“I never wanted her to have huge boobs – I just wanted to help boost her confidence.

“I love her no matter what her boobs are like.”