Amazing Video

By Siarhei Biazberdy

This vertigo inducing footage shows daredevil highliners walking between Russia’s highest tower.

As Maksim Kagin and his companions climb 350 metres up the A-330 tower above Galich, Kostroma Oblast, they capture stunning scenery in the frozen forests below via drone.

Pic from Caters News

Setting their line up between two existing wires, Maksim takes his first tentative steps, balancing expertly on the skinny fabric.

Having reached one side before falling off – faithfully caught by his secure line – the 25-year-old adrenaline junkie then turns back around and does it all again.

Maksim said: “It was probably the hardest ever rope-walk for me.

“I was overwhelmed with feelings.

“I remember the moment I needed to change the shoes – and it was so hard as the rope I was sitting on was moving.

Pic from Caters News –

“The problem is that this time not only was the rope moving but also the wind was pretty strong.”

Maksim has been highlining since 2013, but his journey started when he was a child and he was incredible scared of heights.

He said: “I tried to fight my fears so, I started to climb trees and old buildings.

“Anything from towers to slopes, mountains and rope-jumping.

“Two years ago, the idea to climb A-330 first occurred to me.

Pic from Caters News

“It seemed to me more a crazy idea than something real.

“We had to hurry up a bit as we all knew that the tower should be dismantled soon.

“It took us three days just to install the equipment.

“Despite all this, it was the best of my projects and it presented me and my friends fantastic feelings and emotions.”